The Shop's 2014 Toyrun

For Safe Homes Rape Crisis Center

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Thanks again from The Shop Motorcycle Club to everyone who made this year’s Toy Run benefitting Safe Homes Rape Crisis center a huge success! Another big thing this year is the fact that I didn’t hear of an incident during the parade. A huge reason for that was the job done by our friends with The City of Spartanburg Police Department! A special thanks to all the contributors whose ads appeared on the back of the t-shirts. It would be nice to return support to them. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, We should all feel blessed to be a part of a biker community that shares like this one does.

Hope you enjoy the photos. A special thanks should be in place to my buddy Dale for shooting the parade shots from the back seat. It’s not an easy task and she did great for a first-timer!

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